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Customizing Your Auto Accessories

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Things You Need To Know When Adding Remote Starter To Your Car

Remoting start installation on your car or truck can benefit you significantly in several ways, but not every vehicle is compatible with these systems. There are some things to look for when considering a remote start system and to determine if one will work in your situation.

Remote Start Requirements

Adding a remote starter to a vehicle requires the car to have an automatic transmission in working condition. The system will not work with manual transmission because the vehicle would be in gear, and most manual transmission vehicles require you to depress the clutch pedal to disengage the safety start switch and allow the engine to start. 

The automatic transmission does have an interlock that prevents it from starting in gear, but since it is put in the park position when you exit the car, the transmission is out of gear and can be started without further interaction. If the vehicle has an alarm in it, the tech will need to check the alarm's capability before doing a remote start installation on the car. 

Some alarm systems are designed to shut down the car if the vehicle is running without a key in the ignition, so the remote starter can trigger that function if you leave the car running too long. 

Winter Starting

One of the most significant benefits of a remote start installation for your car is that you can start the vehicle from inside the house and let it warm up before you get in it. If you live where there is cold weather in the winter, you can start the car and let it run, and if you left the heater on when you parked it, the vehicle will be warm when you get it. 

It can also be beneficial if the windows are iced over because the defroster can clear them before you get into the car, and you will not need to scrape the glass or wait for the defroster to start working. If the car is already warm inside and the windows are clear, it can be much safer to drive than if you are fighting with keeping the glass clear. 


A remote start installation can be a little challenging, and often the best option is to have a repair shop put the system in the car for you. The wiring for the system needs to be done correctly, so you do not short something out or damage the car's electrical system during the installation. 

The remote start installation kits are available at most auto parts stores, so if you buy the kit, you can get your local mechanic to put it in for you. For more information about remote start installation, visit a website like